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  1. 100% relevance worth $2,780,060?

    The other day I was registering several extra domain names for my current business.

    Something to attract new business, so ending up with 4elements.amsterdam, 4elements.consulting, 4elements.design and 4elements.today for special offers….

    Than it hit me what if, what if I could register “of.today”… A 2 letter domain? This is quite unique.... so I got it!!!!

    Millions and millions of people search on “news of today” every day, well I got it, news.of.today. 100% relevance between phrase and url.

    Weather of today, tweet of today, deal of today and many other possibilities have a 100% relevance between search phrase and url, I got curious and googled on websites that could tell me anything about how much a domain name could be worth.

    www.of.today is worth $2,780,060

    I have setup a website, www.of.today, and several subdomains like, news.of.today, now see what 100% relevance will do….
    To be continued….



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